Wagner 1K Paint Pump

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Wagner 1K Paint Pump

Wagner 1K Paint Pump

IceBreaker PC High Pressure Piston Pumps

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Wagner IceBreaker PC High Pressure Piston Pumps are manufactured with high technology. Wagner IceBreaker PC High Pressure Piston Pumps are presented to our valuable clients with extremely low vibration, robust maintenance-free structure, easy-to-use design, combined with a spray system, perfect application of the material and reliable results in continuous operations. Wagner shows its superiority in thick layer applications as well.

Full Protection for Heavy Protective Coatings:

Are the conditions challenging? You can trust Wagner Ice-Breaker High-pressure spray pistons.

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High Pressure:With its large fluid section, 300cm3 double stroke volume provides low piston speed and high dynamic pressure. Perfect for abrasive material processes such as zinc powder paints.

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Extra Wide Valve (valve):It takes the paint With the 45mm extra-wide pump inlet valve, The only thing needed for the fastest disassembly when cleaning is a hammer with a tap – it could not be easier

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Maximum Intake Ratios:38mm (1 1/2 ″) wide and very flexible suction hose with extremely wide inlet valves provide maximum intake ratios. This is an inedible benefit, especially for non-fluid materials. Thanks to its quick-release latch, cleaning and maintenance work is faster.

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Storage Option:RackCaddy provides space to store material hose, gun and suction hose. The necessary accessories can be placed easily.

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Durable and robust:RackCaddy is very durable. It makes easy to transport with an integrated arm crane. RackCaddy provides complete protection for pumps and accessories, even if the device is dropped.

You should start preparations by choosing the right Wagner IceBreaker-PC high pressure paint pump for your business and needs.

How to choose the right Paint Pump?

1-Calculate the flow you need:

The number of guns to be taken, the required coating thickness, process speed and required spray width, and the required material per minute should be calculated. If the paint manufacturer specifies a specific nozzle size, this must be supplied for the material flow.


Flow per gun: 1.1 liters / min

Number of pistols:

2-Calculate the material pressure you need:

The paint manufacturer will provide gun recommendations for the required spray pressure. Depending on the liquidity, material hose length and diameter, you need to add the pressure loss in the hose in order to calculate the pressure needed for the pump outlet.


Spray pressure by manufacturer: 240… 260 bar

15m hose pressure loss: approx. 60 bar

Required material pressure at the pump outlet: 300… 320 bar

3-Choose your pump:

The recommended flow and pressure ranges for the pump are stated in the table to help you choose the right pump. These are approximate values and cannot be guaranteed.


The right choice: Jaguar 75-150 or Jaguar 55-200

PUMPS LEOPARD 48 – 110 JAGUAR 75 – 150 JAGUAR 55 – 200 PROTEC 60-240 TIGER 72 – 300
Max.material pressure 380 bar 530 bar 440 bar 480 bar 530 bar
Double stroke volume 110 cm³  150 cm³  200 cm³  240 cm³ 300 cm³
Flow at 60 DH/min. 6.6 litre/dk 9.0 litre/dk 12.0 litre/dk 14,4 litre/dk 18.0 litre/dk
Max.supply air pressure 8.0 bar  7.1 bar  8.0 bar  8,0 bar 7.4 bar 
Material inlet (intake) M36  1 ½”  1 ½”  1 ½” 1 ½” 
Material outlet (pressure side G/3/8″ thread  G½” thread  G½” thread  G½” G½” thread 
Recommended flow rate 0.5…2 litre/dk 0.7…3 litre/dk 1…4 litre/dk  1…5 litre/dk 1.5…6 litre
Recommended material pressure 150…300 bar  200…400 bar  150…350 bar 150…400 bar 200…450 bar
Areas of application Small to medium areas Medium viscosity Medium to large areas High viscosity Large areas High viscosity Big areas Very high viscosity Very large areas Very high viscosity
Zinc powder paint, iron mica
Flame protection materials
Thick film materials
Bitumina coatings
High-solid materials
Solvent-based materials
Water – based materials

More than you want.

We need to provide all correct componenets like; the suction and material hose, gun, nozzle and additional air filter etc. are used for the basic system. Also for emergency use, we also have fully configured spray pack systems.

G15 Airless Gun:Extremely robust for demanding applications. ProfiTip nozzle and holder, also nozzles are available in various hole and spray widths with many nozzle selections.
Air Filter:1 ″ air filter protects the air motors from compressors with insufficient air quality.

Material Hose:DN 6 (¹ / ₄ “) and DN 10 (³ / ₈”) for best use.

Heater:Professional flow heater for better material flow properties and continuous coating quality.

WAGNER spray packs for emergency use:

1. Basic spray packages:

The pump is attached to the Rack Caddy with a high pressure filter.

2. Spray packages ready for instant spraying:

The pump is attached to the Rack Caddy with a high pressure filter, suction / material hose, gun, nozzle and additional air filter.

LEOPARD 48 – 110 JAGUAR 75 – 150 JAGUAR 55 – 200 TIGER 72-300
Spray Package Parts Pump Spray Package Complete Spray Package Pump Spray Package Complete Spray Package Pump Spray Package Complete Spray Package Pump Spray Package Complete Spray Package
Rack Caddy
High  pressure filter
Returning Pipe
Air filter provider (1″)
Suction hose DN25(1”)
Suction Hose DN 38(1¹∕₂ “)
HP hose

DN6, 10 m

HP hose

DN 10, 15m DN6 Whip hose

Airless Gun G 15 AL
Profy type Nozzle 517 521 521 521
Weight 36kg 53kg 53kg 80kg