A4 Alfatechnic Dehumidifier

A4 Alfatechnic Dehumidifier

A4 Alfatechnic Dehumidifier


Proflute brand (Swedish origin) 1st class silica gel rotor

Our dehumidifiers make dehumidification using it’s silica gel rotor. It sucks moist air from the environment and send to the silica gel.  Average  9% relative humidity go out from the silica gel. Dehumidifiers have to be used in areas where dry air is requested (45% humidity and below). Our standard dehumidifiers has the flow rate from 1.000 m3/h to 30.000 m3/h.

Area of usage:

Facilities which make the paint applications on their goods,Glass manufacturers, Museums, Ammunition stores, Laboratories, Pharmaceutical industries, libraries, textile and food factories etc.

Alfatechnic manufactured 20.000 m³ Dehumidifier unit for 3rd. Bosphorus bridge. Alfatechnic is the first manufacturer of 20.000 m³ dehumidifier in Turkey.


As a result of R&D work that we have done on the electric resistance group, energy saving is increased between %15 and %20.
3. Machine Alfatechnic 20.000m³ dehumidifying machines produced in Turkey to be used in the construction of the Bosphorus Bridge and was the first company in Turkey that produces the dehumidifying machines in this volume.

Matching Table
Process Air Volume1500250050008000100001200016000200002500030000
Reactivation Energy(Kw)17285790114136kW182kW228kW285kW342kW
Rotor Devri/Saat Rph18181818181818181818
Reactivity Flow m/sec2,812,43,63,052,472,973,043,173,092,99
Process Output Cmh500833166726673333400053336667833310000
Reactivation Output62C°58C°65C°64,9C°59,1C°64,2C°64,9C°66,1C°65,3C°64,4C°
Process Output Cº50C°51,7C°49,5C°49,5C°51,4C°49,8C°49,5C°49,2C°49,4C°49,7C°
Carried Moisture8,51Kgs/Hr15,2Kgs/Hr15,96Kgs/Hr27,9Kgs/Hr44,64Kgs/Hr67,18Kgs/Hr89,9Kgs/Hr122,7Kgs/Hr154,24Kgs/Hr186,46Kgs/Hr
Rotor Size (mm)550 x 200550 x 200720 x 200950 x 2001050 x 2001200 x 2001525 x 2001940 x 2002190 x 2002450 x 200