Painting Safety Equipment

Painting Safety Equipment

Painting Safety Equipment

RPB T150 Series

The Ultimate Supplied Air Full Face Respirator

A NIOSH approved Type C respirator, the RPB® T150™ supplied air respirator is an ergonomically designed full face respirator offering superior comfort and functionality. Its sleek design and unobtrusive profile leads to versatility and excellence across a wide range of industries and applications.

From chemical stripping to spray painting and coating applications, the T150™ offers workers superior comfort, vision and safety.

Safety, Comfort and Vision Above All Esle

The T150™ supplied air full face mask, manufactured from polycarbonate is robust and lightweight, while maintaining the highest levels of comfort and vision.

The T150™ fits perfectly to the contours of the user’s face, providing a comfortable airtight seal which ensures contaminated air cannot enter the user’s breathing space.

Full Face Double Filtered Mask

The Drager C607 full face mask is tightened with adjustable connectors on the face with a synthetic rubber face with a large inner holding surface. Its wide field of vision and non-distortion visor are made of polymethacrylate. It provides comfortable and convenient use with two exhalation valves. It can stand on the neck.

Half Face Masks

Changeable Filter

Painting Suits

  • Many low concentration of inorganic chemicals and used up to 1 micron particles against barrier features
  • Protection to radioactive particles
  • Contamination control: it protects to operating area from any contamination which can be occured due to personally
  • It can be destruct easily owing to exclude halogen

Safety Cable

Connect the hose coupling and slide the ends of the safety  cable back until the cable is straight and the hose is slightly bent. Coupling screws may lose their holding power due to internal wear on the hose tubing. Sizes between 1/4” – 3”.