About Us

About Us

Alfatech Machine, acquired by the years of experience and reinforced by a dynamic team is ready to provide the best service to our customers.

Our company which will serve on the blasting, painting, filtration and air-conditioning systems on a global scale; accepts based on principles for to build blasting and painting rooms that systems compatible with each other and working without any problem to offer product and service quality, delivered on time, after-sales service, appropriate price option.

Our company which set out “Guarantee of success and continuity in trade, honesty and quality of service” principle thanks you the customers for your interest and support.

We offer the respects with the effort to serve the best and the most qualities to you, today and in the future, forever.

Alfatech Makina
Alfatech Makina


The high-quality standards of our product, services and reasonable prices are provided to our customers disposal, we want in the 21st century to the surface process Technologies belong to leading companies worldwide.

We offer our products, high quality, innovation and loyalty differences. it is important for us to maintain our successful Business upright.


  • To represent our products and after-sales service with the best class and to show the differentiation of the high performance.
  • Technology and scientific support for sales.
  • Our focus is our customers, it is important to put it in prime objective and to achieve the highest value for them.
  • So that our employees can develop to the highest degree, they are encouraged and supported to.