Alfatech Airless Paint Pumps

Alfatech Airless Paint Pumps

Alfatech Airless Paint Pumps

Alfatech Airless Paint Pumps

Airless paint spraying pumps are used in solventless epoxy applications, spraying primer, zinc and polyurethane based paints. They are suitable for harsh environmental conditions. It is one of the most preferred pump groups for protective coatings.

In addition, it is predominantly preferred in steel construction, shipyard, construction and industrial coating applications.

Matching Table
Max. Pressure Ratio30:168:175:1
Air Motor Diameter11/4 (108)inç(mm)10(254)inç(mm10(254)inç(mm
Max. Air Inlet Pressure100(7) psi(Bar)100(7) psi(Bar)100(7) psi(Bar)
Max. Outlet Pressure3000(210) psi(Bar)6800(450) psi(Bar)6800(450) psi(Bar)
Max. Outlet Flow4(4)gpm(min/lt)2,86(10,80)gpm(lt/dk)11,7(11)gpm(lt/min)
Max. Pump Speed(rev/min)60 cycle/min61 devir/min62 cycle/min
Liquit Inlet Size3/4″(PT)”1″(PT)”1-1/4″(PT)”

Alfatech Electric Paint Pumps

It is used in the application of lacquer, varnish, fine epoxies and silicone paints of all interior and exterior paints except grainy paints. It can also be made by polyurethane injection.

Uage areas: Roof, construction, metal structure high viscosity coating, protective coating

AAE-M05 Electric pump series
Custom designed embedded inverter
Stable control by highly efficient AC motor
Safe and smart pressure control system
Easy maintenance and robust design
Secure part operation under hard working environment
Improved workability through safe & continuous operation
Power 3HP (2.2kw)
Maximum flow volume4.5 liter / min
Maximum flow support nozzle0.035 inch
Voltage220 volt
Current60 Hz
Size1,060 x 710 x 620 mm
AHE-2410 hydraulic pump
• Easy hydraulic pressure control
• User friendly pressure control system
• Stable pressure, flow volume
• Smooth operation and powerful painting
• Easy displacement pump and maintenance
Power 3HP (2.3kw)
Maximum operation pressure230 bar
Maximum flow volume10 liter / min
Maximum flow support nozzle0.053 inch
Maximum exit speed188m / min
Cross width50~500 mm
Dimensions1,080 x 800 x 1,400 mm


Road Marking Machine

This machine is produced to make road lines, border painting, crosswalk lines, market places lines, parking lines paint. It’s generally used by Local Municipalities  for the line paint applications.

ALFATECH GHE-0500 Airless Gun Series

GHE-0500 Airless Gun series
Max operation pressure: 500 bar
Stainless steel swivel, needle and sheet
Applied fire proof O-rings
Designed 4 finger trigger and Hanger
Maximum working pressure500 bar
Fluid orifice2.3 mm
Fluid inlet1/4 npsm (m)
Maximum fluid temperature71℃
Weight576 gr