Compressor, Dryer, Air Tanks & Collectors

Compressor, Dryer, Air Tanks & Collectors

Compressor, Dryer, Air Tanks & Collectors


Machines that produce atmospheric air just like a compressor compressed air are called “compressors”. It converts mechanical energy into pneumatic energy. In industrial applications, compressors take the rotary motion from an electric motor. It gets motion from gasoline or diesel engine in construction machinery, motor vehicles, marine vehicles and mobile systems. Movement from the engine creates negative pressure (vacuum) inside the compressor. The air sucked through a filter is trapped in a small volume in the compressor and compressed in certain proportions. Pressure increases depending on the compression ratio. In order for compressors to work efficiently, care should be taken that the suction air is clean and cool. Suction air should not come into contact with rain. Suction filters.


Normally, there are water molecules (moisture) in the air that cannot be seen. It is a device that provides the drying of moist air in the compressor. Each compressor necessarily sends some humidity to the system. This problem occurs in hot weather or when the compressor head (air generator) cannot be cooled well. A dryer must be used to minimize the moisture in the compressor.

Air Tanks

Air tanks absorb pressure waves at the compressor outlet. Smooth, constant air pressure suddenly. Stores the amount of air required to supply sudden air demands exceeding the compressor capacity.

The capacity of the air tank is determined depending on the compressor capacity and the shape of the air demand. The other benefit of the air tank; it makes easier condensation of moisture and the discharge of condensation formed. Water collected at the bottom of the air reservoir as a result of condensation of moisture should be discarded from the system.

If possible, air tank should be placed in the coldest ground on that facility. If the air of the environment causes corrosion, the air tank must be painted with a special primer. If necessary, advice should be obtained from the manufacturer or distributor before the air tank is made.

Air Distribution Collector
Special production is made according to the desired output.