Granule Recyling Systems

Granule Recyling Systems

Granule Recyling Systems

Conveyor - Elevator – Separator

It provides transfer of the granule without any problem in the required amount. It is designed to prevent the loss of granule at the maximum extent. It is completely a project and it is made according the customer requirements.

After the conveyor, grit is upraised by the elevator. In Here, the grit is transferred to the rotary sieve separator with using of Hardox scoop. The separator is a separating system for granules, powder mixture and foreign materials from each other.

The system has the ability to collect the granule 6-90 tons per hour.


Cleaning with air wash separator system, granules, powder and granule unwanted paint particles by separating them with the help of screen to take away all the ingredients of the granules is also different with the help of a separate screen to take away

Elevator - Separator - Scraper Systems

Scraper / Transport System

The transport system pushes the used granule on the horizontal conveyor system. The horizontal conveyor system carries the granule to the elevator.

The transport blades are covered with plastics material in the direction of pushing. So, the grit is directed towards only one direction. In the back movement, the plastic material moves over the grit.