Wagner 2K Paint Pump

Alfatech Makina

Wagner 2K Paint Pump

Wagner 2K Paint Pump

Alfatech Makina

Wagner 2K Paint Pump

WAGNER PROTEC 2K new created protective coating system

  • High savings potential for rapid wear
  • Extremely robust, strong and long lasting
  • Easy operation and maintenance

Wagner provides machinery, equipment and systems for the entire industrial surface coating. Our innovative products and solutions ensure quality, effectiveness and productivity.

It is formulated with 2-component ultra high solids content for modern high-performance corrosion protection and ship coatings,

These coatings are resin mixture with additive alloy to provide the correct reactions and chemical reactions that allow solid alloy mixture, which allows the expected chemical and mechanical properties

The new wagner protec 2k was developed especially for these applications. Protec 2k are detailed and time-consuming mixtures as well as an accurate dose of these ingredients. You will be amazed how this system is used so easily. It also works as simple as a 1k piston pump.
It is easy to see the advantages:

• Time saving: you don’t need to mix any ingredients beforehand.
• You save material because you only use what you need.
• Before the coating ends, you will work without worrying that the container will expire.
• You save time and material because you do not regulate the entire system in case of long interruptions, you only arrange the parts containing the mixed material (mixing block, material hose, spray gun).
• You avoid coating defects: The correct mixing ratio is determined by the system and guarantees the best possible coating quality.

Simple Operation- High Performance
The details of the WAGNER PROTEC 2K are all the advantages of the maximum performance point:

Alfatech Makina

Precise mixing:Continuous and automatic dose adjustment for coating materials.

Alfatech Makina

Reliable supply:2 large funnels and large inlet valves provide stable and reliable materials.

Alfatech Makina

Air motor:Pressure management for easy operation and high reliability with restarts.

Alfatech Makina

Big savings:Just enough materials as needed. only some of the materials used for the mixture

Alfatech Makina

User-friendly:Open design and easy to use. It is similar to 1K piston pump.

Fill the material and start applying,WAGNER PROTEC 2K takes care of everything!
With pre-prepared mixing ratios, WAGNER PROTEC 2K has four types of 4: 1, 3: 1, 2: 1 or 1: 1 ratios. It is an ideal system for mostly commercially used coating materials. If a material change is required for a different mixing ratio, the fluid section can be easily changed. Of course, WAGNER PROTEC 2K meets all ATEX requirements.

Typical material examples:

  • Zinc primers filled with epoxy base
  • Polyurethane coating
  • Quick-response chamber coating
  • Anti-fire paint

Main Application Areas:

  • Reservoirs
  • Pipes
  • Shipyards
  • Bridges
  • Wind energy systems towers
  • Rail vehicles
  • Water towers
  • Purification of wastewater
  • Maintenance of wheel and sewage systems
  • Overflow basin
  • Structural steel coating
  • Refined and

PROTEC 2K Operation:When classic piston pump is used,The dosage of these two components need to be fully adjusted adn mixed before application,
A separate fluid section operates for each material component under the same air motor as the PROTEC 2K. Mixing is specified by the liquid section under there.

Save materials and time, take pride in this efficiency!

Reduce material cost
WAGNER PROTEC 2K mixes only the material you really need. You no longer need to use more expensive materials. You can also buy materials in large packages and save money thanks to volume reductions.

To reduce your solvent consumption
Mixing block, material hose, spray gun – only those parts of the system formed with mixed material need to be cleaned. If not; , you have to clean the 1K system completely, with more time, solvent and considerable cost. Depending on the sensitivity of the solidifier, you can allow the system to stand with pure material overnight or a few days

Sensitive Workforce Management
Fully automation during the absorption of material components and adjusting the dose of the components “just in time” and mixing are important. This saves valuable labor time. With the preparation of the materials and the correct dosage, the quality of the coating increases significantly. Manual mistakes are not allowed.

Low maintenance costs – high availability
The liquid portions contain only pure material, which can be shaken more easily than the currently mixed component. This significantly increases the interval of maintenance time. WAGNER liquid parts can be easily removed in a few simple steps. Service sets contain all necessary components as accessories

Conventional 1K spray pack Conventional 2K spray pack
Dosing correct amount of catalyst  High demands on precision Automatic
Stirring and mixing  Time-consuming Automatic
Pot life Countdown of pot life once the hardener and resin are pre-mixed in the can  Right before the application, material is freshly mixed
Flushing and cleaning  Complete flushing of the system Only the mixed material in the mixer and material hose need to be flushed 
Pre-mixed coating waste  Excess mixed material must be disposed of No waste
Solvent consumption during flushing  10 – 15 liters depending on the size of the pump 2 – 3 liters, depending on the material hose, length and Ø 
Pre-mixed coating waste during flushing  3 – 4 liters, depending on the size of the pump 1 – 2 liters, depending on the material hose, length and Ø 

It is a valuable investment. High potential savings examples with WAGNER PROTEC 2K.

Example: 100 liters, 150 days, annual cost and savings per day processing; Material price: 9,00 € / liter. Solvent price: € 4.00 / liter; Hourly wage: 40 € / h. Savings potential of about 30,000 €

Perfect accessories for perfect matching and perfect coating result!

Pump set
Piston Leopard pump covers all accessories.

Heater Set
Optionally used with component A and B.

Heated Tanks
Extremely high viscosity material can be processed using heated tanks.

Sprey Gun GM1
Ideal airless manual gun for protective coating. With its excellent spraying feature, it is robust and easy to use.

Flexibility for other mixing ratios
Variability for the flexibility you need – Changing the mix briefly WAGNER PROTEC 2K has four different mixing ratios. The amount of two fluid sections determines the required mix. If it is to be replaced, the fluid section is changed accordingly. It takes about 20 minutes to replace it.

Fluid sections for different mixing ratios:  Sıvı kısım 150 cm3 Sıvı kısım 110 cm3 Sıvı kısım 110 cm3 Sıvı kısım 75 cm3 Sıvı kısım 50 cm3 Sıvı kısım 38 cm3
Mixing ratio 4:1 A B
Mixing ratio 3:1 A B
Mixing ratio 2:1 A B
Mixing ratio 1:1 A B

Our system performance

Technical data at a glance

Technical data PROTEC 2K 75-150/38 PROTEC 2K 70-150/50 PROTEC 2K 64-150/75 PROTEC 2K 65-110/110
Mixing ratio 4:1 3:1 2:1 1:1
Pressure ratio 75:1 70:1 64:1 65:1
Operating pressure max. 500 bar 465 bar 415 bar 420 bar
Fluid section A double stroke volume 150 cm3 150 cm3 150 cm3 110 cm3
Fluid section B double stroke volume 38 cm3 50 cm3 75 cm3 110 cm3
Flow rate per double stroke 188 cm3 200 cm3 225 cm3 220 cm3
Flow per 30 double strokes 5.64 l 6.0 l 6.75 l 6.6 l
Stroke rate max. 30 DS/min 30 DS/min 30 DS/min 30 DS/min
Material inlet (tank) 27 l 27 l 27 l 27 l
Material outlet (BSP)  A – G3/8″ A – G3/8“ A – G3/8“ A – G3/8“
Air supply pressure 1.5 – 6.5 bar 1.5 – 6.5 bar 1.5 – 6.5 bar 1.5 – 6.5 bar
Noise level at 6 bar air pressure 80 dB(A) 80 dB(A) 80 dB(A) 80 dB(A)
Material temperature 5 – 80° C 5 – 80° C 5 – 80° C 5 – 80° C
Ambient temperature 5 – 60° C 5 – 60° C 5 – 60° C 5 – 60° C
Material pH value 3.5 – 9 pH 3.5 – 9 pH 3.5 – 9 pH 3.5 – 9 pH
Material pressure pump inlet max. 20 bar 20 bar 20 bar 20 bar
Weight 190 kg 190 kg 190 kg 190 kg
ATEX designation II 2G cIIB T3 / T4 Gb X II 2G cIIB T3 / T4 Gb X II 2G cIIB T3 / T4 Gb X II 2G cIIB T3 / T4 Gb X
Dimensions (W x L x H) 830 x 1200 x 1710 mm 830 x 1200 x 1710 mm 830 x 1200 x 1710 mm 830 x 1200 x 1710 mm

WAGNER PROTEC product family

Everything you need for heavy corrosion protection.

Precise mixing:Continuous and automatic dose adjustment for coating materials.

Wagner Protec Double Control:Electronic mixing systems for protective coating.

Wagner Protec Accessories:Especially for high solids, WAGER supplies the right, compatible accessories. For example; Suction hoses, tanks, heaters, material hoses and nozzles.

Wagner Protec GM 1:Airless manual gun.

Wagner Protec Tip:Airless reversible types up to 530 bar..